EXCLUSIVE: David Crowder Is Promoting Premium Ham At All Of His Concerts Now

"The Great Ham Prophet" is preparing the way....

“My music is definitely still music for the church to sing in a corporate setting, that’s for sure. That’s how I’m put together, and what I get excited about doing–helping the church announce things to God. Speaking of ‘people’ and ‘ham’: have you ever tried ham?” –David Crowder

Attend a David Crowder Band concert and you’ll feel a certain twitch in your leg and rumble in your gut. You’ll be surround by Crowder Band fans who open-hand slap each other in the ribs after each song, rather than clap. The music is catchy — with a Southern twang to it, like your Momma used to sing when you were painting the trees brown.

His lyrics will reach deep into your soul like that one Youtube video where Kevin Sorbo reaches into a jar of peanut butter to try to find the prize at the bottom and screams with anger when he learns that there are no actual prizes down there.

Songs like “Holy Spirit Comb My Beard,” and “I’m Still Hunting For Mushrooms” are staples at churches all across the US. We love David.

The culture has changed. The “Christian Contemporary Music” scene has certainly shifted with all the spoon usage. David Crowder? No, he’s still the same David Crowder that eats tuna sandwiches on stage between songs and can’t stop whistling into the microphone even though it’s the next band’s turn to command the front.

Crowder’s the same, yes — but now he’s full-time promoting premium ham on his tours, and we’re okay with that.

“Each ham has its own personality,” Crowder told us while holding two in his lap. “Some bring me joy, and some really make me mad. Some talk with me late into the night about life’s struggles, and some are more introverted — always keeping to themselves. These hams are my babies. Every ham is perfect in its own right.”

When asked whether he regrets going “hamless” for the first decade of his singing career,  David reminded us that even Moses spent forty years out in the wilderness before he was used by God to deliver the Israelites from the Egyptians. “He was being prepared by God for the enormous task. Sometimes we have to be taken out to the wilderness for a while. That’s what God did with me. Before I was the ‘Ham Boy’ of Christian Music, I had to be taken aside and shaped by God Himself. I didn’t become the ‘Sultan of Ham’ overnight.”

Now David Crowder advertises ham all over the place during his set. “We project a large photo of ham behind me on the video board, our roadies pass out pamphlets, or ‘hamphlets,’ during the show, and, by the time the concert is over, I have eaten two large hams.”

Now is a good time to invest in ham, ladies and gentlemen. “The Great Ham Prophet” is preparing the way!


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