Mark Dever, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, And Sam Allberry Said WHAT?


Want to know what’s on the minds of today’s most important, influential Christians? Don’t miss our incredible roundup of thoughtful and most talked about quotes of the day:


“Finally having it in his possession? Just imagine that. We laugh, but years and years of failed attempts won’t stop him. He’ll be trying to acquire it until the day he dies, and I think we can all agree our lives will be more secure when he finally gives up the ghost. Our country cannot take more disappointments.”

-Mark Dever, on Plankton and the Krabby Patty Secret Formula


“I personally go through two or three toilet paper rolls a week.”


Sam Allberry, unprompted

“Every year, usually in the heat of Summer, I find myself handling reptiles, baby chicks, and ducks, which inevitably leads to me ingesting the powerful bacteria ‘salmonella.’ I have also voluntarily eaten raw meat and eggs. Thus, after eating a plate of uncooked meats, I will become bedridden for several days. Let’s just say, the entire process is unpleasant.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, on fame

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