Copeland Thrilled To Dress As Something Other Than A Money-Grubbing, Unrepentant TV Personality For Halloween Tonight

Here's to a night of freedom for dear old Kenneth Copeland...

Kenneth Copeland, an American author, musician, public speaker, televangelist, and puppeteer is so excited to finally dress up as something other than a degenerate, unrepentant TV personality that he can hardly keep his food down.


Copeland was seen at a local Walmart in Fort Worth, Texas by Terese Salmon-David trying on police and firefighter costumes, a scary bear mask, and a sumo-wrestling outfit.

“He was obviously giddy with the prospect of being something other than huckster and snake oil salesman for the night,” Terese told us. “Even though he unabashedly preaches a false Gospel and sells fear to the elderly, he clearly likes to have fun too. I hope he get lots of candy.”

“I’m glad for Kenneth,” Horace Meatfundle, an avid Copeland fan, explained. “The man works super hard day in and day out. It must be exhausting to force me and countless others to reach into our back pockets, take out our wallets, and pry out crisp fifty dollar bills to send to the ministry. He needs a break from constantly lying and thinking of himself so much.

Here’s to a night of freedom for dear old Kenneth Copeland!


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