Kevin Sorbo, Russell Moore, and Tucker Carlson Said WHAT?

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Russ Morr 400

“It’s simple, and it has a nice ring to it. When I want to make a strong point in a sermon or something, I will punctuate the end of my sentences with it.”

-Russell Moore, on the word “jumentous”


“My favorite thing about ‘work’ is that I am rewarded with ‘money’ every two weeks or so. Later, Bill O’Reilly told me that I could turn in this money for various goods and services, or I could protect it in a place called the ‘bank.’ There’s a lot more to money than meets the eye.”

-Tucker Carlson, on finances

sorbii 400

“Yes, it was the first thing my mother gave me after I sold our mule for a sack of wheat. I was ten, and my father had been laid off from the steel mill. I don’t think I really, truly appreciated the hard work he put in there year after year to support us until there was no more of that stuff on our dinner table. After I had sold our mule for a bag of wheat, she placed several into my hand and told me to eat because one day I would play the part of ‘Hercules.'”

-Kevin Sorbo, on if he is aware of fruit

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