We Asked 5 Christian Music Artists To Share About The Future Of Their Industry

What a blessing.


Jeremy Camp

“What is unique about music is its ability to flex and adapt to the times we are in. I see Christian music evolving in such a way that we no longer use guitars and drums to express our poetry about Jael hammering a tent peg into King Sisera’s brains, or disco music to tell the age-old story about Ehud shoving a sword into fat King Eglon’s swollen belly. Instead, I think the future is in spoons.”



Chris Tomlin

“When I wrote ‘Indescribable’ ten years ago, I never imagined we would come this far. Back then, every Christian artist was forced to record in Michael W. Smith’s old, wet, cold, cement basement, and almost nobody remembered to push the record button first before the next take. His rules were demanding, and he almost always included the sound of metal spoons hitting each other in the background of every song. Those spoons happen to be future of the Christian Music Industry, in my opinion.”



Kari Jobe

“From 2009-2016, Christian music was a wasteland. Everyone used the same chords, everyone used the same electronic drum beat — we all used the same Christian Music Template on Microsoft Office. What I look forward to the most is the prospect of those beautiful, bodacious, concave instruments making metallic noises on my tracks.”


Toby Mac

“I see Christian music becoming much less dependent on dynamics, i.e. crescendo and decrescendo. Since labels can’t make money by controlling unit sales anymore, they need to start caring about customers more. Also, wearing sheets with eyes cut-out on stage was definitely my idea, not Michael Tait’s. I can see that idea really taking off.”



Kirk Franklin

“Our industry will finally become cutting-edge this decade. We won’t be playing catch-up with secular music anymore, since many of us will be playing straight-up secular music. If I had to guess what innovations will take place in Christian music, I would probably say that you should invest in spoons if you finally want to look into your wallet and see one-hundred dollar bills pouring out all over your floors. I am going to slap these two spoons together right now.”

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