Make This Flag Your Profile Picture If You Believe You Know More About Sand Than John The Baptist Ever Did

We're calling your bluff....

So you think you know more about sand than John the Baptist, eh?

Well, put your money where your mouth is and set this flag as your Twitter avatar and Facebook profile picture for everyone to see. You’re the guy that prances around in cut-off jeans and juggles eggs all the time because you know everything. You know everything, including sand. In fact, by your own admission, you know way more about sand than, say, John the Baptist. Oh yeah, HE’S THE GUY THAT LIVED IN THE DAD GUM WILDERNESS AND SLEPT ON SAND, FELT SAND, HELD SAND, MADE SAND SANDWICHES, AND PROBABLY MADE HIS FRIENDS OUT OF SAND.

But yeah, sure, you know way more about sand than he ever did.

How much of a self-centered booger-face do you have to be to think that you somehow hold more sand-knowledge in your fat, juicy brain than the prophet that introduced Jesus as the Lamb of God to the nation of Israel? How incredibly embarrassing that you would challenge him to a Sand Bee if he were still alive today. Shameful.

If you think you’re so smart, genius; if you think you are “The Great Knower of Sand” — the rubber is officially hitting the road: set this flag as the profile picture in all of your socials. If you’re too chicken to do that, then get up out of here ya’ goon. You ain’t got what it takes to roll with this bunch.

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