Admirable: Rachel Held Evans Personally Handed Over Her Next-Door Neighbor’s Home To Some Refugees Without Asking


In an amazing act of generosity towards “the least of these,” Rachel Held Evans, a doubt-filled believer, feminist, and an author of some books, graciously handed over her neighbor’s house keys to a group of Syrian refugees.


Without her neighbor’s consent, Held Evans placed a set of their warm house keys into Sayid Qamar’s strong hands. Though Qamar was unable to say it in a language we could understand, he was visibly excited.

“When Rachel confiscated our house keys and gave these one-hundred and thirty-eight Syrians our home, we were a little shocked,” Jermaine Thompson told us while drinking straight out of a milk jug.

“We will still be paying off the mortgage,  and we are definitely on the hook for water and electricity. We are mostly just grateful for Rachel’s generosity towards these folks. As soon as they moved in, she winsomely built a giant, brick privacy wall around her house in order to send a clear message: ‘white privilege is nasty and you don’t need to see the horror of it every day.'”

Can’t Get Enough Of  Rachel Held Evans?

“Rachel has always done these sorts of things without making a big deal out of them,” a former neighbor of her’s told us. “She humbly broke into our house in the middle of the night, opened our fridge, and gave a bunch of our food away to some homeless people nearby. She threw the food straight into their mouths!”

“Once, when an illegal immigrant from Mexico needed a car, she graciously gave him my Dodge Stratus. What an amazing human being,” Glenn Holdsclaw, another man in her subdivision, said while riding his bike to work.


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