5 Times The Reformed Pubcast Knocked The Evangelical World On Its Patoot 


The Reformed Pubcast is one of the most unique productions in two Millenia of Christian history. Dr. Les and Dr. Tanner fearlessly broach controversial topics such as infant baptism and beer. Here are five moments that changed Christian podcasting forever:

1. That time Les and Tanner let Jeb Bush breath heavily and murmer State capitals into a microphone while they discussed infant baptism

Evangelicals lost their minds when The Reformed Pubcast permitted Jeb Bush to do into a hot mic what many find to be offensive and off-putting: heavy breathing and State capital-naming. It was a landmark moment for Christian media. Now, other podcasts such as The Happy Rant, The Dividing Line, and Jim Bakker’s Tasty Beef Time are trying this strategy with other former Republican governors to garner more listeners.

2. That time “The Best Beer Boys” put their microphones to their necks and swallowed a pint of Guinness to help their listeners understand more about the “Dark Irishman”

“When ‘L’ and ‘T’ crammed their microphones against their amazing and prickly necks, I was stunned. Is this really happening? Are they going to do what I think they’re going to do? Then they did it: they drank some cold beer and let us listen to it travel down their food-pipes. I even heard a flashy ‘gulp’ from Les. Podcasting will never be the same.” — Dr. James White

3. That time Les and Tanner invited several infants to talk about the pitfalls of paedobaptism, received zero feedback, and doused one another in pitchers of beer to illustrate their incredible feelings

Christians sent The Reformed Pubcast a bunch of spam emails in January when “The Big Old Boys” invited a bunch of one and two year old’s onto the program to talk about being baptized. It was a complete and total mess as none of the children could actually string lucid sentences together. At the eight-minute mark, Les and Tanner stood up, dumped warm beer on eachother, sang the Star Spangled Banner, and concluded the show. It was a disaster, but the gesture sent ripples through Christendom.

4. That time Tanner dumped a fine keg of beer on Les to illustrate an important point about infant baptism

“I remember the screaming and guttural moans after Tanner let all that beer soak Les’ clothes and body. The signal was lost immediately, but it has totally changed the way I think about podcasts and Christian theology.” — Yasiel Puig 

5. That time Les and Tanner held snorkels and described them perfectly to their listeners

In September of 2015, the hosts of The Reformed Pub each brought snorkels into the studio. Listeners that day held their collective breath as each of “The Pleasant Sandwich-Lovers” took turns describing the color, shape, length, and stability of their plastic air tubes. We would never be the same.

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