Wow: Local Man Names Quite A Few Books Of The Bible

"I have finally chosen to give him my respect and love."

After several failed attempts, Gerard Tattlehockey couldn’t wait to list a few  books in the Bible that he had finally memorized for his friends and family. The forty year-old knew it was time to plan a party at Panda Express when he successfully blurted out several of these books at work without making some of them up, or replacing them with comic book characters.

“The smile on his face said it all,” his wife Himmon told us. “He stood up in the middle of our meal, silenced our handsome son Wilmer, took a deep breath, and said ‘Leviticus, Haggai, Proverbs, Matthew, Malachi, and Jonah.’ He finished with something called ‘Jonah II’ but we were willing to overlook that and celebrate.”

“Daddy has never successfully named any books of the Bible before,” said older son Jason from a squatting position. “Before he stood up and told my brother Wilmer to shove an onion in his mouth and let him talk, my love for him was minimal and fleeting. Now that he has named six books of the Bible without inserting swear words or comic book characters, I have finally chosen to give him my respect and love.”

Gerard Tattlehockey has so much to be proud of!

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