Finally: These Rhymes Will Help You Tell The Wesley Brothers Apart

Do you often get John and Charles Wesley confused? These rhymes will help you remember which Wesley is which!

Do you get John and Charles Wesley confused? Rookie mistake. Don’t play the role of the Protestant Jester any longer. These rhymes will help you remember which is which when caught in a stitch!

The Wesley brothers, the famous pair,

They shared a mother but not their hair.

John had long, dark, curly locks.

Charles wore wigs kept in a box.

John was known for long, dry sermons,

Charles sang hymns and tamed live vermin.

If someone asks you which Wesley is which,

Just to avoid being cursed by a witch,

Remember that John had the dry, pale skin,

And Charles had a nose as ugly as sin.

Charles Wesley, as the story goes,

Had a very large and unsightly nose.

But his brother, John was his name,

Had skin so white that it caused your eyes pain.

Charles Wesley, ugly nose.

His brother John, pale as a ghost.



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