Tremendous: The Gospel Coalition Changed Its Logo To A Man Thinking Flawlessly About Race And Politics

"We must be on the right track."

Try to stay calm and keep plenty of apple cider vinegar in your mouth as you read this breaking news, avid TGC readers! The Gospel Coalition is changing their logo into a humble young man thinking accurately about difficult subjects like race and politics!


The Gospel Coalition’s previous logo, inspired by all the brave men who fell to their death attempting to assemble The Golden Gate Bridge, became antiquated and musty, according to the venerable founder of The Gospel Coalition, D.A. Carson: “We needed a change, and this man thinking flawlessly about Christianity, race, and politics perfectly depicts what we’re all about here. We are thrilled by the change, and Kevin DeYoung keeps shrieking joyfully and violently whenever he sees me. He preached a forty-five minute sermon to me immediately upon hearing the news. I just sat in a chair as he boldly preached a message from Genesis 6. It was intense,” an emotional Dr. Carson said while tossing pennies into editor Joe Carter’s soup.

“We must be on the right track.”

“This is incredibly beautiful and sanctifying news,” remarked Jared Wilson, a blogger. “This man having razor sharp thoughts about things is a humble reminder of why I became a blogsm’n in the first place.”

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