Tough Love: Boy Tells Ray Comfort That He Asked Jesus Into His Heart, Really Gets The Business


A precious but completely naive little boy told evangelist and Christian film director Ray Comfort some urgent news Monday afternoon, and he totally got some knowledge dropped right on top of his small, under-developed skull.

What a story!

Gary Pranceman of Huntington Beach, California approached one of the world’s foremost street preachers around two o’clock in the afternoon on Monday and made what he thought was a wonderful, insightful announcement. According to witnesses, Pranceman walked up to Comfort with a balloon in his hand and took a deep breath. He then proceeded to spew out some incredible nonsense: “I have asked Jesus in my heart.”

Oof! What a mess!

“It was disturbing,” said a woman who wished to remain anonymous. “The boy was maybe three or four years old, and his soteriology was a total fail. We were glad Mr. Comfort proceeded to explain to him the in’s and out’s of the Holy Spirit’s role in salvation, Predestination, and the doctrine of Penal Substitutionary Atonement.”

“The boy was totally shut down.”

“Ray schooled the kid,” another witness told us. “He wasn’t going to let this one go.”

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