This Lutheran Thanks An Applebee’s Waiter Who Served Him Last Year At Least Four Times A Day


Reince Folgersmouth, a member of First Lutheran Church of Kansas City, Kansas, wants an Applebee’s waiter who served him last year to know how truly thankful he is. Every day, whether by phone, text message, handwritten letter, email, carrier pigeon, or instant message, Reince tells the blessed waiter at least four times that he is thankful for keeping the drinks flowing and the food moist on that beautiful night in 2016.

“Lavar did an above-average job,” Reince told us. “When our cups were empty, his ugly mug showed up. When I told him it was my wife’s birthday, he carried that lumbering bag of bones over to us and sang a fine jingle. I want him to constantly know, in no uncertain terms, that his work was adequate and he deserves a twenty percent tip.”

Lavar is a busy man with a home full of kids and dogs, but he is appreciative of the gesture. “Nine in the morning, then eleven, then three in the afternoon. He usually waits till after dinner, around eight, to deliver his final ‘thanks.'”


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