Outreach: Steven Furtick Let A Set Of Elderly Gentlemen Wear His Preaching Jeans For A Day

Humbling, indeed.

In an effort to reach out to a largely overlooked, irrelevant, and obsolete demographic in his church, Pastor Steven Furtick will graciously allow two exceedingly-elderly gentlemen to squeeze into his Hall-of-Fame-worthy preaching jeans for an entire day.

Humbling, indeed.

Furtick, Pastor of Elevation Church, realized he had kind of ignored those men and women over sixty-years of age. His stories about technology, general fashion, enforced selfie-time, and the frequent use of Millennial jargon alienated Elevation Seniors.

“We tried hipster barns, quinoa buffets, rap concerts, basketball, and Call of Duty tournaments for the elderly in our church,” Donna Gust of Elevation Church told us. “They broke dozens of hips and were basically hopeless with controllers. We started to realize that we were overlooking a large portion of our congregation. We literally had no clue what to do with them.”

Furtick immediately jumped in and gave the deacons two glorious pairs of sermon-worn jeans to give to two lucky elderly gentlemen for twenty-four hours.


“These precious jeans were hung in our Furtick Solarium. We took them down and gave them to two old farts.”

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