MISSIONAL: The Jensen’s Won’t Do This Puzzle Until John Piper Gives Them The Green Light


The Jensen family has been sitting at a kitchen table for thirty-six hours and they absolutely refuse to put their puzzle together until John Piper gives them the “A-OK” through phone, text, or Desiring God article.

The family of seven from Wilmont, Idaho is exercising incredible patience, tenacity, self-control, and bladder-control as they wait for the Don’t Waste Your Life author’s green-light to get started on their big, fat circus puzzle.

“We’re thankful for Pastor John’s ministry and highly respect his opinions and wisdom,” Jim Jensen told us. “We dumped out this puzzle about thirty-six hours ago but don’t want anything to do with it until he says something like, ‘God-speed’ or ‘All systems go!’ We trust him.”

Linda, Jim’s wife, is less enthusiastic about their whole approach. “This is garbage. Complete garbage. We’ve been sitting here for days without food, water, or bathroom-breaks. We’ve been staring at our cell phones all day and refreshing DesiringGod.org articles, just hoping that Piper has broached the subject of our puzzle in some way, shape or form.”

The family still holds out hope that Pastor John will signal that it is indeed “OK” to get started on that ugly circus puzzle.

Incredible conviction!

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