Jesus Juke: When The Police Pulled This Woman Over, She Immediately Quoted The Entire Apostle’s Creed 

Wow, what a hero!

Virginia Piddleton of Durham, North Carolina found herself in quite the connundrum after she was pulled over for texting and driving.

So. Not. Cool.

Piddleton saw the red and blue lights Memorial Day afternoon and drove to the shoulder as quickly and calmly as she could. What happened next shocked everyone involved.

“The officer asked me if I knew why I had been pulled over. It was clear that he wanted nothing to do with Spiritual things,” Piddleton told us while doing push-ups. “It got kind of awkward, and I knew I needed to change the subject to something eternal. I immediately began quoting the Apostle’s Creed in a loud and convincing tone of voice. I made eye-contact the entire time.”

“She rolled down the window, and after I asked her for her license and registration, she quoted a long Christian creed in a firm tone. She definitely quoted the Apostle’s Creed,” the police officer reported (He wanted to remain anonymous). “It was a Jesus Juke if I have ever seen one. The moment was ripe: I was saying something un-Spiritual, she knew she needed to fill the void with something Spiritual. So there we were. I gave her a ticket and she was on her way.”

Wow, what a hero!

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