Contextualization: You Won’t Believe What This Stoner Used To Reach His Friends!

Burnable Bible Verses: Terrific tool to reach your unsaved friends, or just a puff of smoke?

Sam Sagacwap was struck with a brilliant idea last week. Calling himself a “Christian Stoner” and “Connoisseur of the Plant Commonly Known as The Weed,” Sam realized he has many friends who also participate in marijuana-related activities. These include creating clay, stop-motion videos and using binoculars as glasses.

“I was just kickin’ back, relaxing with a blunt, when a handsome-looking thought occurred to me,” said Sam. “I’ve got all these round friends who suck weed gas down their tubes. I thought, ‘If only there was some way to make them read the Bible in such a way that they too can abuse drugs and claim to know Jesus Christ.’ Then it hit me like Little Richard did to me that one time! Print Bible verses on rolling papers.”

Sam contacted an online vendor who prints exclusively on hemp paper, and, before you knew it, he was passing out packs of stanky Bible verses to all his unsaved friends — packs of verses cleverly disguised as rolling papers.

“They were a huge success! I’m so glad I’m getting the dank Word out,” says Sam.

Sam hopes to begin printing the entire Bible on smoke-able paper within the year. “I just need to find the right vendor and publisher.”


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