Bummer: Kirk Cameron To Try His Hand At Ruining Anchorman For All Of Us

"The goal is to get into as few theatres as possible with some of the worst comedy you've ever witnessed."

Sources in Hollywood inform us that the hugely popular Christian actor, Kirk Cameron, is taking on a silver-screen comedy classic: Anchorman.

“I’ve never actually seen the original,” Cameron is reported to have confessed, “I would never stoop to that level of comedy. I do understand that it’s quite humorous, however. I hear it makes the kids’ Jello tubs jiggle. I see my interpretation of the film including way more angels and firefighters. I’d also like to get my buddy Ray Comfort involved somehow.”

In addition to Cameron playing Ron Burgundy, Roma Downey is rumored to be in consideration for the role of Veronica Corningstone.

Cameron stated that he’s excited to get a chance to try his hand at “real comedy” and hopes to bring a redemptive message to the tawdry tale. An anonymous representative from the film’s studio reportedly hopes “the film makes it into  one theater somewhere, if possible, but going direct to DVD is the real dream. Movies that go direct to DVD just take up space on shelves, which actually leaves less space for sinful, flesh-filled, worldly movies. So, that’s our dream.”

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