5 Takeaways From The UC Berkeley Protests

Here are five things we learned from the UC Berkley protests.
CBS News

1. Thoughtful people started dozens of beautiful, piping-hot fires to roast meats and make s’mores for families in poverty, which is charming.

The amount of fires that were set in order to bring raw meats to a bacteria-less, edible state restored our faith in humanity. Smoke could be seen from an hour away, but now we know it was the smoke of benevolence.

2. UC Berkeley’s Mascot, Oski the Bear, was defending himself with a musket, but it was probably just a bit he was doing.

We loved Oski the Bear’s silly comedy sketch. Hundreds of people surrounded him as he waved a knife and shot an old musket ball in the air several times. What an ornate, beautiful skit that cute little fella’ put together.

3. Staff wheeled Jaden Smith out on a dolly to greet the happy crowd.

Perhaps our favorite moment from the night is when UC Berkeley faculty brought Jaden Smith out on a dolly to wave at the friendly protesters, brought him back in the storage building, then wheeled him out again. What an amazing five-minutes.

4. Several people made bathroom on the road but it was because they were so happy to be there.

The night was such a large, succulent success that several people made bathroom on the streets and sidewalks. Hard to blame them as this protest was as effective as it was elegant.

5. An entire block of road was littered with lightly-used hottubs.

This we didn’t understand, but it must be some kind of school tradition.

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