4 Well-Known Bloggers Shared Their Favorite Chill-Out Music With Us

Is your favorite blogger hiding a secret affinity for smooth jazz?

Denny Burk, DennyBurk.com

“Yes, my favorite chill-out song is ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ Typically, when writing a sermon or working on one of my blog posts, I just have that on repeat.

Melissa Kruger, Wit’s End

“I can’t get enough of Eagle-Eye Cherry’s first album, ‘Desireless.’ That one song of his, ‘When Mermaids Cry,’ really gets me. I get choked up every time.”

Jared C. Wilson, The Gospel-Driven Church

“Oh, I always have ‘The Very Best of Kenny G’ blaring on my boombox. I would listen to that album 24/7 if I could. You can’t go wrong with that sweet, sultry, classic saxophone sound — especially with tracks like ‘Morning’ and ‘Sentimental.’ It’s like hot maple syrup running down my face and all up in my stubble!”

Justin Taylor, Between Two Worlds

“You might think I would answer with someone like Annie Lennox, but honestly I’m more of a Norah Jones guy, myself. Occasionally I’ll put on one of Dave Matthews’ LPs, but usually I stick to Miss Jones. Something about her voice just makes me want to slink off into a dark and smoky jazz club in northern Elmira, NY.”

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