14 Christian Celebrities Share Their Favorite Memories From Ben Carson’s 65th Birthday Party

"We each received a Little Debbie coffee cake, and he took the wrapper off for every single one of us."

On September 18th, 1951, former presidential candidate, best-selling author and brain surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, was born. To celebrate his 65th birthday, fourteen Christian celebs piled into his West Palm Beach home. Here are their favorite memories from that day:

1. Carrie Underwood, Country Music Artist

“We had been sitting for so long that one of the legs on my chair began to come loose. He got out his surgical equipment bag from the closet nearby and emptied it out, one tool at a time. By the time he realized he didn’t have the right tool to do the job, Tyler Perry had put a screw in there and fixed it right up with his own personal cordless drill.”

2. Ed Stetzer, Christian Missiologist 

“We each received a Little Debbie coffee cake, and he took the wrapper off for every single one of us.”

3. Millard Erickson, Theologian

“After Perry fixed Carrie’s chair with a cordless drill, most of us clapped. Then we realized Ben was still looking for a tool to fix the already-fixed chair leg. The tear in Ben’s eye when he looked up in disbelief was moving. I’ll never forget it.”

4. Russell Wilson, NFL Quarterback

“I liked how Dr. Ben Carson let us take our shoes off at the door. He tried all of our shoes on.  It was as if he was saying, ‘You are welcome in my home anytime, hombre.'”

5. Denzel Washington, Hollywood Actor

“We did some counting exercises right away, before Carrie’s chair leg became rickety. We counted together, one through three-hundred. Dr. Ben would always emphasize the last syllable. He smiled so big.”

6. Tim Tebow, Former NFL Quarterback

“Dr. Carson wore scrubs that day, and he seemed sort of disappointed that we all didn’t. I’m not sure how we would’ve all known to wear hospital scrubs.”

7. Chris Pratt, Hollywood Actor

“After our snack, Dr. Carson took a nap.”

8. Mark Driscoll, Pastor

“My favorite moment was when Dr. Carson opened his presents. We weren’t aloud to peek inside while he opened them inside of his sleeping bag, but the squeals were enough for me.”

9. Peyton Manning, Former NFL Quarterback

“Dr. Carson’s house was an old mortuary, so most of us climbed into those big drawers where they put dead bodies. Carson stood and watched from the other room, one coffee cake in each hand.”

10. Patricia Heaton, Hollywood Actress

“My favorite memory from Ben Carson’s birthday party was when he gave us those Little Debbie coffee cakes and asked us to “eat them at a pace we are comfortable with.” What a sweet, thoughtful birthday boy.”

11. Tyler Perry, Director

“I appreciated how unbelievable silent we all were for most of the party. I need quiet in my life.”

12. Jared C. Wilson, Author

“Dr. Ben, without any notice, got in his sleeping bag and went to sleep. The rest of us looked at each other, found an open spot on the hardwood floor, and got as comfortable as we could. We knew it was nap time.”

13. Phil Johnson, Executive Director of Grace To You

“I’ll never forget the party favors we took home. We all got some dice, a stethoscope, a live ladybug in a jar with holes poked in it on the top, and a can of Mountain Dew. All I could do was thank him for the silent time we had together with him.”

14. Joshua Harris, Pastor

“Ben Carson was napping, but I couldn’t fall asleep. I stood and began to tiptoe up the stairs. His wife caught me and sent me back downstairs to take a snooze. It was nice meeting her.”


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