5 Surprisingly Dark Prophecies From Paula White About 2017

These are real dark.
Pill Bunt

We’re extremely glad Paula White shared her direct revelation from God about 2017, but these five prophecies are pretty dark:

1. “2017 will be really hard on our knees and joints.”

This is ominous.

2. “2017 will be the year that mankind finally says goodbye to the majestic turtle forever.”

This is a black and white statement. There’s no way around this one: turtles are toast.

3. “This year you will have a breakthrough, but this breakthrough will likely involve your arthritic bones.”

Again, quite ominous. Pass the calcium-juice!

4. “God told me that, in 2017, the bald will inherit the earth.”

Hmmm…I’d hate to have hair right about now.

5. “I know this is an awkward time, considering it is during this lady’s funeral, but next year, in 2017, people won’t completely die.”

They will be half-dead? Three-quarters dead? What does this mean? This is my least favorite prophecy.

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