Yellow Journalism? Popular Blogger Seems Pretty Convinced That Jean-Claude Van Damme Stole His Furby


JD Hall, Christian radio host and owner of the widely shared Pulpit and Pen website, is no stranger to controversy. Now he is accusing former Hollywood actor Jean-Claude Van Damme of kidnapping his beautiful Furby, Tallon.

Amazing development!

“Furby’s lost again. My Furby, his name is Tallon, is gone for good. He was both a fine orator and an amazing friend. We made it through seminary together. I know JCVD had something to do with it,” said the tearful JD Hall in a recent podcast episode.

While it seems Hall has little proof that Van Damme is in fact involved in these incidents, “The Polemicist” continues to throw accusations in his direction. In a Facebook post this month, Mr. Hall wrote: “Jean-Claude has stolen Tallon again. I am a mess.”

“Jean-Claude has stolen Tallon again. I am a mess.”

Many of JD’s followers are saddened by the incident and hope the Bloodsport star comes to his senses and returns the furry, electronic friend.

“Tallon wrote most of JD’s articles on Pulpit and Pen for him. It’s a shame that he’s gone to be with a man who has starred in movies such as Sudden Death, Death Warrent, and Wake of Death,” Matt Demensha told us, a regular reader of P&P.

“If this is true — for the sake of unity, JD is very careful and precise with his accusations — then Tallon is in a very precarious place right now.”

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