Whoa: This Woman Just Threw An Ice Cube Into The Trash


She absolutely did it. She pulled off something so unprecedented our heads are spinning: Linda Moronich just threw an ice cube directly in the trash.

Linda, faithful in service and kind in heart, dropped a single cube of ice after retrieving a bag of the cold stuff for the Sunday potluck, and PLOP! There it went, right onto the dirty, grimy kitchen floor at Wedmenton Baptist Church in Wedmenton, New Mexico. What she did next was so surprising, many of us had to sit down to catch our breath.

“She picked up that cold cube and tossed it right in the trash. 99% of the time, that cube would’ve gone straight into the sink to melt and eventually go down the drain,” Shana Liberty-Huntress told us. “We couldn’t believe what we were seeing.”

Some call it illogical, while others note the convenience. “It looked kind of awkward, but the can was right there. Sure, it was a bit uncouth, but I have a difficult time believing we wouldn’t have done the same thing, under the same circumstances.”


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