This Man Recycled All The Sword Drill Trophies He Won During The Bush Years Without Getting Too Political About It


Brent Trenton, studious and handsome, won a blimp-load of sword drill trophies back in the early 2000’s. Year after year, he dutifully represented First Church of Tacklinberg, Vermont at the Montayac County Kids Klub Sword Drill Competition, but now he’s a married man and has no use for the hardware. Thankfully, as he recycled each of those eight trophies that he won during the Bush presidency on Saturday, he didn’t get overly political about it.


He put all eight trophies into a box, placed the box in the back seat of his 2014 Nissan Altima, and drove to the recycling center without any visible chips on his shoulder or general disgust with Bush’s inability to find WMD’s or “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

“When he began putting those trophies he earned during Bush’s second term into that box, he muttered almost nothing about Katrina or Saddam Hussein,” his wife Laura told us. “I was proud of him.”

Terrific. We are too.

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