We Asked 5 Well-Known Pastors For Their Favorite Moments In Ministry


Someone once said “Ministry is a marathon, not a sprint,” and these five pastors are running the marathon with gusto. Here are 5 prominent pastors’ favorite moments in ministry.


“I pulled up to the church in my Dodge Neon and there was a boy serving waffles outside on our property.  He was trespassing, but he was also making delicious, round, warm, brown waffles and selling them for $1 each. I approached him, he suddenly flew away, and I knew deep down in my heart that he was some sort of beautiful, waffle-making angel.”

R.C. Sproul


“While writing a review on a wash-machine I recently bought online, a person replied “this is vague revew and why so much reference to duck dynasy,” and he or she rated it as “unhelpful.” I got his address and kept showing up at all his son’s ballgames, disguising myself as an old man who just loved the game of baseball. Finally, as his son was at bat in the 9th inning of the last game, I read the preface of “The Case For Christ” as loud as my moist, angry lungs would allow.”

Lee Strobel


“When I first became a pastor, I would dress as a different member of the Dallas Mavericks every week. When I got to my favorite player, Dirk Nowitzki, he walked in and sat down behind our sound guy and sold some shoes to some of my parishioners.”

-Burk Parsons


“I traded twenty-six of our worst members for better lighting in our sanctuary.”

-Trip Lee


“I ruined an Easter service in 2010 by handing out old fish to anyone who couldn’t remember the shortest verse in the Pentateuch. A lady, who might’ve been a member of ISIS, retaliated by pulling some of my teeth out during our midnight service. Then we were even.”

-Ronnie Floyd

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