Wanna’ Feel Old? That Lazy Sick Kid From “Heaven Is For Real” Is 64 Years Old Now

Lazy Burpo is in his twilight years....

It seems like just yesterday when we all gathered around our Aunt Salty and listened as she read the powerful and beautiful book Heaven Is For Real while plumbing an old toilet.

She read. She plumbed. Eventually, she finished the book and we all thought, “Gee, that Todd Burpo kid was super lazy for his age.” He never did chores, and he certainly wasn’t going to use his interests or hobbies to start a small business. He basically slept most of the time in the book and told people his lame dreams like a deadbeat.

It was a confusing time. Todd was laying around while most of us were mowing yards or babysitting for some spending money. That Burpo kid walked around until he hit his big head on a pipe, and he used that as an excuse to take naps and talk about “dreams.”

Well, believe it or not, Todd Burpo is sixty-four years old now.

He’s a lazy, bald, old coot making bank on that stupid book Aunt Salty was reading to us while snaking a toilet. He can retire soon, enjoy the early bird special, and say crazy things, and nobody with think anything of it.

Yep, lazy Burpo is in his twilight years.

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