TECH FTW: Now You Can Frighten The Elderly And Constantly Stand Straight Up Like A Patriot As Brannon Howse On The Game Boy

Do you have what it takes?...

Sensational! This week, Nintendo released the much-anticipated game, “Worldview Weekend with Brannon Howse,” for Game Boy aficionados to get their wet, warm hands on and we can’t even keep our tonsils from swelling up with excitement.

The Game Boy is Nintendo’s first handheld game console and it contains incredible, miniaturized features from the Nintendo Entertainment System.

“I’m thrilled by the announcement,” Cademan Folders of Southeast Arkansas told us. “As a regular user of the Game Boy and a huge fan of Brannon Howse’s extremely popular patriotic program, I can’t wait to saddle up and play as the ‘Salty Radio Boy.’ It’s a dream come true and I hope I get to yell at Kim Jong-Un in the game.”

Game Boy users all over the world are excited about the incredible features found in “Worldview Weekend with Brannon Howse.”

“I truly enjoy playing a handsome patriot in the game,” Ross Tallon exclaimed without any salad in his mouth. “If you push ‘B’ rapidly, you can convince an elderly woman named Glenda to purchase survival buckets by claiming her home is surrounded by vicious terrorists. In another level, you are given the task of choosing a faithful minister of the Gospel to successfully slander and spread rumors about. Then, gently tap ‘A’ to sell more end of the world buckets at a local Golden Corral.”

Record and sell your own beautiful albums, or use your Twitter account to warn of an EMP; build a radio empire centered around your favorite political figure, or constantly say the pledges while standing straight up…WVW is calling YOU.

Do you have what it takes?



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