Unstoppable: 5 Ways To Be More Like Daniel Next Week

"Lions are very expensive to rent, so they are optional."

It is time to make something of yourself , and you can do it by being more like Daniel this week. Here are five ways to do it.

1. Dig a large den underground and toss some of your coworkers down there for a while. 

Lions are very expensive to rent, so they are optional.

2. Strap a fog machine and mini-generator on your back. Leave a sensational trail of dream-clouds in your office building as you move to-and-fro.

Daniel interpreted many dreams for Nebuchadnezzar. Becoming a human fog machine will help your coworkers begin difficult conversations about dreams and their meanings.

3. Put together fantastically clean and well-planned blueprints for your boss without spilling any coffee on your work.

Get some work done on your journey to becoming more Daniel-like this week.

4. Buy forty pounds of provolone cheese, take a full day to melt each block with a beautiful microwave, fill a plastic kiddie pool with the cheese, and let all the neighborhood animals have at it.

Be a good neighbor like Daniel probably would’ve been if he lived in your nasty sub-division.

5. Bring bags full of change to purchase all the food items in your office’s vending machines. Immediately shove the food down a bathroom sink while reciting this poem: “The food of Babylon will make me unclean; this food that I have purchased is full of white cream. I have gleefully sent these snacks down to Hades; I have chosen the sink to avoid getting scabies.”

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