Mollie Hemingway: This Refreshing Op-Ed About Churches Has Nothing To Do With Donald Trump

"Don't suffocate your mind with the heavy pillow of Donald Trump like many of my colleagues have."

I’d like us all to reflect on the media’s obsession with Donald Trump, the “Human Clickbait.” We all know that a simple name-drop of Donald J. Trump, our 45th President of the United States, will immediately garner attention and clicks, and this unfortunately skews the motivation of the news media and their general reason for existence. Thankfully, this refreshing Op-Ed about the Church has nothing to do with “The Donald.” Let this be our escape.

You’ve probably noticed by now, but “Fake News” is not just a problem on the Right. Every American media institution, CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC, has been caught stretching the truth about Donald and his actions in some way or another, dedicating entire news cycles to half-truths just to get views and shares on social media. This tends to be a great business plan.

Thankfully, this Op-Ed will be Donald Trump-free, allowing us all to finally meditate on something that will give us lasting peace and joy.

Let your mind reflect back to the GOP Presidential Primary. There were many worthy Republican candidates vying for the Presidency, but Big News spent the vast majority of their time covering Trump and the latest “gaffe” that came out of his mouth. I will try not to get into this too much within this refreshing Op-Ed on the Church, but what I will say is that Donald Trump received a greater percentage of news coverage simply because America was more entertained by him than, say, Marco Rubio. When Donald wasn’t on the Boob-Tube, we clicked the power button on our remotes. When he was performing at one of his rallies, we turned the volume up, ate some popcorn, and waited for the next round of hysteria.

So here we are. Everyone wants a piece of the Donald Trump pie, and, in order to get it, we either uncover something “yuge,” or make some stuff up. Boring ol’ Don simply will not cut it as fewer and fewer American households are paying for cable these days. May we press on and enjoy this Op-Ed that has nothing to do with Donald Trump, because our media coverage and newspapers are saturated with him already.

What sort of country will our children inherit? What will our World look like fifteen years from now? Will this portion of World History simply be a blip on the radar of human existence, or will its impact change the way we see things forever? Perhaps our children will never forgive us for electing Donald J. Trump. Perhaps they will understand, given the circumstances we found ourselves in. These are questions for another time, as this Op-Ed, 100% focused on the Church, is coming to a close.

Remember: don’t suffocate your mind with the heavy pillow of Donald Trump like many of my colleagues have. Think about other things — like the Church.

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