Tim Hawkins, Chuck Swindoll, And Douglas Wilson Said WHAT?!

Find out here.


“I get a lot of non-verbal cues from the crowd. If I hear some low, guttural laughing I can tell the crowd wants more hand motions. The high-pitched laughs mean I’m speaking too fast. Nervous mumbling followed by hushed, confused faces is just right!”

– Tim Hawkins, on stand up comedy

“Zigga…Zigga…Zigga…Zachariah. Whew! I finally got it out.”

– Chuck Swindoll, on names that start with z

“When I want to write a blog post, I picture all of the bloggers that opened the door of opportunity to all of us. Men like Crain Grissle, Spanm Jerebko, Lane Teens: these men paved the way. Then, when I am ready, I fire up the Sega Dreamcast and make those joysticks sing.”

-Douglas Wilson, on blogging

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