Cynthia Would Probably Make A Good Mother If You Would Just Give Her One Of Your Kids

Just Think About It.

Cynthia Johnson is a beautiful, thoughtful, Proverbs 31 woman who washes regularly and loves country music. She’s a decent worker, loves to cook, and has relatively few health problems. Both of her parents are leaders in both the church and the community, and they freeze hundreds of gallons of their homemade spaghetti sauce in their garage.

Sure, she’s childless right now. If you gave her just one of her children, she would probably do an adequate job raising the kid. We won’t know until we try, you know?

Cynthia spent an entire year traveling Europe, and she met some pretty nice people. She’s never done drugs and quit smoking when she was a teen. She speaks French and German proficiently. She has conquered most challenges in her life — except this one, of course. She even has her own apartment to store the thing.

You have plenty of child-bearing years ahead of you — if you gave Cynthia one of your current children, she’d treat him or her as her own, we promise. We’re sure she’d do great, but you have to give her one to find out.

Thank you.


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