This Is Fine: Our Favorite Segment On The Briefing Is Albert Mohler Testing Out All Of His New Vuvuzelas

We can't wait.

The Briefing podcast is a must-listen for thousands of eager and diligent Evangelicals while they eat their finest pastas and stir concrete mix outside in the heat. Mohler’s unprecedented ability to cut through the noise and “tell it like it is” is both refreshing and beautiful. Christians are filled with stupefaction as they hang on his every utterance, words, coughs, and screams, and simply can’t wait to find out what each colorful bowtie symbolizes during each episode.

Beaming with confidence and a mouth full of milk that he had waited till the last possible day to drink, “The Baptist Big Briefer,” as we’ve all come to know him, told his audience with a strong vibrato on Friday that he will be adding a brand-new segment to the show: “Vuvuzela Tests.”


“I’ve recently inherited thousands of vuvuzelas and I want you, the listener, to hear each of them for yourselves,” Mohler proclaimed Friday with a syruppy tone. “The segment will last four to five minutes, and it will be called ‘Vuvuzelas.'”

Wow! We can’t wait to hear between four and five strong minutes of vuvuzelas on our fave ‘cast, The Briefing.


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