These Six, Completely Obscure Christians Finally Went Bowling Together


Years and years have passed since they were given the heavy responsibility to minister in their small, local congregations, and these six, completely obscure and overworked Christians are still faithfully chugging along. Early mornings with the Lord and late nights with crying babies; fighting off wolves who seek to devour the progress that their sheep have made in the faith; Graciously and patiently counseling the troubled in their congregations: these men and women are storing up treasures in heaven, because life down here can be long, poor, and disappointing.

Welp: they are finally getting the night they deserve. These six, completely obscure Christians actually took a few hours off and went bowling for the first time in, well, who knows?


“I don’t remember the last time I went bowling,” Pastor Steven told us, shy and earnest. “I can barely get the ball to stay out of the gutters,” he chuckled.

“It’s nice to get out from time to time,” the googly-eyed, exceedingly tall Perry remarked. “As an active parishioner, 90% of the work around our small, quaint country church falls on me. I vacuum, update our small, twelve-member Facebook page, and change lightbulbs. I do everything but preach on Sundays.”

We hope they had a wonderful time re-charging those batteries!

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