Mike Pence, Ted Kluck, And Lecrae Said WHAT?

Find out here.

“My clothes have been more wrinkly than usual, and the blame falls squarely on Steven Spielberg. We watched an MLS game the other day and he lost a bet. Now he must do my laundry and fold my clothes, but the quality of this work is nothing compared to what he did with ET. What a masterpiece.”

-Mike Pence, on risk

“It’s curves are round and rigid. It’s feel is warm and smooth. To see it causes butterflies in my stomach, which results in sweaty palms and twitchy eyelids. I scream and I scream and I scream until my voice is hoarse. It is both mysterious and surprisingly beautiful.”

-Ted Kluck, on the Buffalo Nickel

“The blue shell is a death warrant.”

Lecrae, on Mario Kart

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