SAD: Naive Child Travelled All The Way To Heaven But Forgot To Try The Potato Salad

"I'm getting emotional just talking about what could have been."

A little boy finally got to travel all the way to Heaven like many other children apparently have, but he completely forgot to try the potato salad. Many are resigned to the fact that the undead human race may never find out if it is decent or not.

Thursday morning, Trent Borealis was taken to Sacred Women Hospital in Murfreesboro, Tennessee after experiencing intense chest pains. His parents feared the worst as little Trent, seven years old, went in and out of consciousness. This is when his wonderful trip to Heaven began.

“I went up there and took in all the sights and sounds. There was a whole table full of potato salad ready for me to eat. I just got distracted with other things,” Trent told us. “I don’t know, there were maybe three to four kinds of potato salad to sample, but I forgot.”

Trent is a little concerned with how he will be received by his uncles, Lim and Ulysses. “They’ve been asking about Heaven’s potato salad for a long time. Will it have mustard in it? Will it be the Amish variety? How chunky will Heaven’s salad be? I’m afraid to see them at Easter because I know they will ask, and I will have no reply.”

His parents, Thom and Wendy Borealis, were a little disappointed by their sons lack of report upon his return. “We were looking forward to writing a cookbook,” claimed Wendy as she spun a basketball on her finger. “We were thinking of naming it Heavenly Potato Salad or Potato Salad That Angels Definitely Eat, but because our son is extremely naive and forgot to test it out, it’s a lost opportunity. He could of asked any ol’ regular Joe up there for the recipe. I’m getting emotional just talking about what could have been.”

This isn’t the first time little Trent blew a money-making scheme for his entrepreneurial Mom and Dad. “He made a trip to Hades once,” claimed Thom. “He forgot to ask about the Beef Brisket.”

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