Meet The Bumper Sticker That May Have Turned A Luke Warm Tractor Into The Greatest Evangelist Of All-Time 

"Is that green tractor the GOAT of evangelism?"

It started from the bottom and now it’s here to stay: this bumper sticker took a nominal, two-Sunday-a-month John Deere tractor and made it into one of the greatest evangelists of all-time.

LeBron vs. MJ. Brady vs. Montana. Gretzky vs. Pete Sampras: The Greatest of All-Time (GOAT) conversation is a source of entertainment at many sports bars and water parks, but now a new debate is percolating.

Is that green tractor the GOAT of evangelism?

The fact that we are willing to have this debate means we should take time to really appreciate the “Real Men Love Jesus” bumper sticker that this four-wheeled farm assistant is donning.

We should consider how luke warm and unimpressive that tractor’s faith was before it received a bumper sticker on its hiney. It rarely appeared at mid-week services, had nothing to do with AWANA, and was so stinkin’ stoic during worship time. “Is it really saved?” many asked. It made no attempt to follow along with the sermon, and bolted for the doors after the final benediction. He was a nominal Christian at best, unregenerate at worst.

Then an old farmer slapped a sticker on it’s rear-end and GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY! That thing was pulling people into the kingdom like Steven Furtick violently yanks people into a baptismal for a photo-op. Now thousands — no — trillions have clearly understood the Gospel due to the tractor’s faithful and consistent witness.


Many will say that either Charles Spurgeon or Ray Comfort currently holds the title of Greatest Evangelist of All-Time. They are great. Absolutely. But the tractor received his B-Stick years ago, his day gets started around five o’clock in the morning, and he runs until seven at night. That’s twelve hours of evangelism per day. For years. 

We’re not afraid to say it. That tractor is the GOAT of evangelism, and it’s time you accept it. Lest you forget, however: if it wasn’t for that B-Stick, he’d be still be sitting in the back of the church with his arms crossed, thinking about Pizza Hut’s cinnamon breadsticks. Now he’s the King. Deal with it.

As Ben Shapiro says, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.”

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