A Patriotic Methodist Downloaded This Picture Onto His PC And You Totally Have Permission To Click “Minimize” For Him


Whether you are a Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, or EV Free, you are completely welcome to travel to Harold Princebottom’s home and click the minimize button above this patriotic picture!


Harold Princebottom, member of First Methodist Church of Denver, Colorado, stumbled upon this stunning photograph after typing “patriotism” in the Google search box. The pic is so incredibly moving to him, he is willing to allow any man or woman from any  denomination to click that line to hide it for the next time he wants to see it.

“It is perfect in every way. My mind immediately wanders to key American moments in history, like the Gettysburg Address and the first season of The Simpsons,” Harold told us while holding sparklers in each hand. “I want to share this moment with other brothers and sisters, so, whoever wants to travel out to my home in Colorado, I will allow them to click the ‘minimize’ button for me. Denominational affiliation isn’t even a problem.”


The photo includes Donald Trump proudly standing on top of a tank, holding a big fat gun. There is a majestic eagle passing by with explosions in the distance.

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