Here Are Some Interesting Fan Theories About The Movie “Heaven Is For Real”

"There is a moment where Todd must discern whether or not his son was hallucinating or had actually seen Heaven."

We asked The Daily Cherub Community for some of their craziest “Heaven Is For Real” theories. Here they are: 

1. When Colton Burpo begins to open his mouth near the beginning of the movie, you can sort of see a shadowy figure between his Canines and Molars. I believe there is a tinier, but older version of Colton Burpo who was going through Dentist School. He had died and was traveling to “Mouth Heaven.”


2. Todd Burpo is a pastor, and in several of his scenes he mentions the band Weezer. I believe, underneath it all, he was more of a normal guy than we give him credit for. When Todd isn’t in a scene, I think he is rocking-out in a garage somewhere trying to become something wonderful.


3. There is a moment where Todd must discern whether or not his son was hallucinating or had actually seen Heaven. Most people assume Todd chooses the latter. I don’t see why it couldn’t be both. I believe Burpo stumbled upon some bad mushrooms, had a trip, tripped, and fell into something hard and pokey, which led to his emergency appendectomy. I believe there is a hidden backstory of drug addiction.


4. Todd was worried about discussing the situation regarding his son, and it begins to tear away the confidence of the board members of his church.  This is where we see that Star Wars  and Heaven Is For Real are actually linked together, in the same universe. These board members were actually normally-clothed Storm Troopers ready to shoot him to smithereens, but they are interrupted by the secretary.


5. I believe “Heaven” in this movie represents the “Underground Railroad,” and little Colton represents Harriet Tubman, leading everyone to freedom. I also believe that everyone in the movie has differing levels of leprosy and are trying to keep their body parts from falling onto the ground and scaring everyone.


6. Todd does some research on the Web and finds a story about a Lithuanian girl who had a similar experience. She painted a portrait of Jesus which was identical to Colton’s painting. Colton saw the girls painting and replied “That’s Him.” I believe Colton reveals through those two words that he is a genie that is ready to grant Todd a few wishes. Todd, throughout the rest of the movie, passes his son some notes. Suddenly, a sports car, the Wayans brothers, and a trampoline appear. Todd explodes with joy and reverence. This is why I think little Burpo is a genie.


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