11 Non-Threatening Compliments For Single Women In Your Church

Compliment her without insinuating that you want to marry her.

Navigating the highly-charged electric circuit of singleness within a church can be tricky, especially if you are a single man who simply wants to compliment a single woman on her shoe selection. You want to say something like, “Hey, I noticed that good thing about you” without saying, “Hey, I want to marry you and open an ice cream parlor with our eldest child.” Well, we at The Daily Cherub have you covered! Here are some compliments you can safely use to make the single women at your church feel nice, but not think you are proposing to them:

1. “Your necklace looks like a sparkly snake with piercings all over it’s small, serpentine body.”


2. “Your dress reminds me of the weather forecast I saw this morning and how I’ll need my umbrella tomorrow.”


3. “I noticed that you sang that entire hymn on-tune, which is what one should aspire to do when one sings hymns out loud.”


4. “I couldn’t help but notice that your shoes match your blouse, like astronaut boots match their suits.”


5. “If you were stuck in a burning building, I would try to save you in a safe and expedient fashion.”


6. “Your head is perched upon your shoulders gracefully, like a well-formed gargoyle upon some baron’s castle.”


7. “When you blink, your eyelashes sweep dust particles off your cheek.”


8. “Your inside-voice reminds me of how my brother would read me bedtime stories even though it was afternoon time.”


9. “Your father is an older, manlier version than you.”


10. “Your overall appearance is acceptable for this church event and I have noticed it.”


11. “Neither of your arms look too big for your body. Same goes for your legs. Your limbs are well proportioned.”


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