INTEGRITY: Local Mother Gave Her Son’s Podcast A 1-Star Rating And Told Him About It


Linda Burfict has been listening to her son’s weekly podcast The Pulpit Report for a year now and has exercised an inconceivable amount of conviction and integrity: she gave her son’s boring ol’ podcast the lowest rating possible on iTunes and proceeded to tell him why.

Jed Burfict, a forty-year-old, average man, started The Pulpit Report in his musty garage last year and has received literally no feedback regarding his work. His mother finally changed all of that.

“The Pulpit Report was a cute idea, and I absolutely appreciate his big fat heart, pink brain, and general desire to report on the latest happenings in Evangelicalism,” Linda told us reluctantly. “He’s a wonderful, average-looking man who loves God. His podcast just sucks.”

Linda claims she was led by the Spirit early Friday morning to log onto iTunes, search for her son’s podcast, and rate it with a one star. Then she did something beautiful.

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“I woke him up at 5AM by knocking on his door and screaming the words to The Declaration of Independence. He came down the stairs and I told him everything.”

The Spirit moves in mysterious ways!

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