Find Out What Josh Duggar, Jared Wilson, And Todd Friel Had To Say Today


Want to know what’s on the minds of today’s most important, influential Christians? Don’t miss our incredible roundup of thoughtful and most talked about quotes of the day:

“I am provided a single block of cheese from an animal I am not allowed to know about.”

-Jared C. Wilson, on his diet

Every day I wake up and hope it happens to me.

-Todd Friel, on meeting LeBron James

“Getting sick on the set of the reality TV show 18 Kids and Counting was way more challenging than keeping my cool or disciplining one of the other seventeen while on camera. I would demand a bucket to throw up into and the set manager would never give one to me. I would throw up and throw up, and everyone would simply ignore it. I became leprous and had to use my own clothes to create bandages that covered my infected sores.

-Josh Duggar, on overcoming obstacles 

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