Bill O’Reilly, Tim Keller, And Rob Bell Said WHAT?!

Find out here.

“I read portions of the New Testament last night, and what really stood out to me was all the amazing numbers. Those guys must’ve really gotten a kick out of using the big numbers before their book names, medium numbers here and there, and then those tiny numbers before almost every sentence. Fascinating.

– Bill O’Reilly, on numbers

“Every time I go to Panera, I ask for the largest bagel in the shop. I rarely can finish it, as I have an average man’s stomach and not a large man’s stomach. Then, I take the remaining part of the bagel and pretend that I have a bigman’s food-pouch. This happens every Thursday.”

-Tim Keller, on Western Theology

“Sometimes you eat the bear, other times the bear eats you. But sometimes, you befriend the bear with a bag of beef jerky and back rubs.”

– Rob Bell, on ingenuity


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