Dobson: President Trump Can Have As Many Heads As He Wants

"'The Great Dealmaker' has earned every last one of them."

He is building a majestic wall to keep nasty people out of our country and all of our McDonalds restaurants; he is repealing and replacing NObamaCare; he is going to be the first President to wear an unbelievably long, red tie in space; he is draining a gross swamp full of critters and snakes in Louisiana — IMHO: Contrary to what Kathy Griffin says, Trump is entitled to all the heads he wants.

Recently Kathy Griffin said that he isn’t allowed to have a head. She took photos of herself taking away the only head Trump has. This is an atrocity — the man has done many amazing things, and deserves to be rewarded with at least five or six full, healthy, chubby heads.

President Trump has single-handedly released millions of Christians from American prison camps. He has looked Kim Jong-un right in the eyes and challenged him to a nuke-off. Trump has even showed himself to be quite the impassioned Bible scholar and evangelist by quoting and re-interpreting obscure Old Testament Scriptures, even humming or saying words out loud like “Gord” and “Bequeath.”

In my estimation, Kathy Griffin couldn’t be any more wrong than she is right now: Trump shouldn’t have his head confiscated. Rather, he should be allowed to have five, six, twenty, sixty, whatever: he is a modern-day Rosa Parks, the champion Christians have been waiting for.

Reward Trump with a bunch of brand-spanking new heads. Don’t steal the only head he has.

My final word: If you see a decapitated head lying around (animal or human), or maybe a bowling ball that you could stick some beautiful orange hair on — send it to our 45th President, D.J. Trump.

“The Great Dealmaker” has earned every last one of them.

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