Find Out What Stephen Curry, Stephen Altrogge, And James Woods Said Today


Want to know what’s on the minds of today’s most important, influential Christians? Don’t miss our incredible roundup of thoughtful and most talked about quotes of the day:

“When my mind is right, my arms, legs, and neck become soft, wet noodles as I launch myself into the black night. ‘The Triple Axel,’ ‘The Infected Duchess,’ ‘Quadruple Heel-Kick,’ and ‘Simple Hip-Thrusts’ are some of my go-to moves. At three-o’clock in the morning, it’s just me and my inflatable mattress.”

-Stephen Altrogge, on stunts

“The only way I can truly be ready to play in the NBA Finals is if I receive a pep-talk by Johnny Tsunami in my pre-game nap. He knew how to shred when it counted the most.”

-Stephen Curry, on the NBA Finals

“Abadeh, Afshar, Amritsar, Art Deco, Axminster, Persian, Azerbaijan, Baluch, Bergama, Bibikabad, Bidjar Rugs, Chinese, Donegal, and Gashgai to name a few.”

-James Woods, on Oriental rugs

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