Courage: WOW HITS 2018 To Include Persistent, Audible Groans To Lament The Fall Of Contemporary Christian Music

"Nothing is the same anymore..."

Forget everything you knew about Christian music, because WOW HITS 2018 will include long, guttural, audible groans from some of your favorite artists, including Chris Tomlin, Hillsong, Carman, and Newsboys!


“Nothing is the same anymore,” Matthew West told The Daily Cherub on Friday. “The industry is watered down and without any real soul and creativity. We are voicing our displeasure with the industry as a whole by producing deep groaning noises throughout the album. For the listeners, it is to feel like a funeral durge. ”

Underlying the most popular Christian hits of the year will be audible, persistent groaning to show how dire the situation is out there. If you listen closely, somewhere around the third “Good, Good Father” remix, Steven Curtis Chapman makes a guest appearance and raspily groans what sounds like “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

“I try to express hurt and disgust with my awful groans,” Steven told us.

We look forward to downloading this album illegally!


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