Chris Pratt, Albert Mohler, And A.C. Green Said WHAT?

Find out here!

“If you hear a swear word in one of my movies, open up the official movie app and click the button that says ‘PUNISH.’ This will force me to suck down a spoon full of cinnamon, which will result in spastic coughing, which will send me to the hospital.”

-Chris Pratt, on integrity

“I guess what I am trying to say is that the edible Q-Tip was 100% R.C. Sproul’s idea.”

-Albert Mohler, on friendships

“Let’s just figure out why they have two of them before we begin colonizing the moon. What mystery, what horror, what intrigue. One is more than enough, but TWO? What an incredible blessing from the Lord.”

-A.C. Green, on a cow’s two stomachs

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