6 Blog Comments About The Naked Mole Rat That Somehow Made It Through Moderation On Timchallies.com


We can’t believe it either! Tim Challies, the pope of blogging, somehow missed these incredible posts about the naked mole rat during his blog’s moderation phase!


1. “Hey Tim, your uncle Prance here. Did you know that unlike its relative the naked mole rat, the Cape dune species has a thick pelt of soft fur over its entire body?” –your uncle prance

2. “Mr. Challies, sorry to contact you on your blog, we somehow lost your phone # and email. We will be delivering a large box of naked mole rats tomorrow to your home around 11am. Be sure to keep your home humid and roughly 88 degrees to ensure happy and healthy rats.”wesellnakedrats.com

3. “tim this is Justin. the naked mole rat you sent is a sick, nasty rat. please take him back. he is terrible and ruining our home.” –Justin Taylor

4. “Tim, you forcefully proclaimed at my wedding that the naked mole-rat, also known as the sand puppy or desert mole rat, is a burrowing rodente. Could you elaborate on that in a future blog post? How do we get our hands on one?” –Stephen Altrogge

5. “tom my home is teeming with naked rats!” –Sandi Patty

6. ‘Tim, my rat, who is naked, has leprosy. you said this couldn’t happen. Please explain yourself. i purchased this dirty rat from you last month and it has already lost most of its appendages. I have to spoon feed him. I quit music to keep him alive. Can I work at tom challese studios since i no longer have income to sustain his feeble life?” –Fernando Ortega

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