Our 5 Favorite Poems From Relient K’s New Children’s Book

Relient K is releasing a new book entitled "K is for Kidz"

The Christian rock band Relient K has always been on the cutting edge of the entertainment world. From the time Matt Thiessen opened a roller coaster in his backyard and charged $10 a ride, to the release of their crime fighting blockbuster, Relient K NYPD Stylez, the band never stops innovating and setting our hearts and lungs on fire. 

Just in case your lungs aren’t crispy, soot-filled bags of charcoal yet, here are some excerpts from Relient K’s highly anticipated children’s book, K is for Kidz, that may just do the trick:

A Day At The Zoo

Animals have feelings too,
So don’t say mean things at the zoo.
You might make the monkey’s weep,
Or cause a rhino to lose sleep!
Or cause a rhino to lose sleep!


Kids, please, kids,
Listen to what I say
You can’t sit around,
And curse at bugs all day!


Don’t yell bad words
And insults at your pets!
And please don’t write them
Letters filled with threats.
It’ll just lead to regrets!

Johnny, Where Have You Been?

Johnny, where have you been?
Were you down at the farm?
I hope you didn’t throw sticks at pigs
Or do the cows more harm!

How to Pet Your Dog

When you pet your dog,
Try not to use your teeth,
Or pull out all his hair,
That’s what we aim to teach.

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