What Did Alex Trebek, Reince Priebus, And Shane Barnard Say?!

Find out here!

“We should make air taxable, Little Richie.”

-Reince Priebus, unprompted

“I think when an angel sees a man or woman dressed in leopard print or wearing a zebra mask, he just lets out a thick giggle.”

-Alex Trebek, on humor

“I fill a bucket with our grocery store’s finest raisins and wink at my friend Trent. Trent then waves down a train barreling down the tracks and explains to them what we are doing. He hops on the train and it leads him to a faraway place that neither of us has been. Trent then phones me from this magical land and explains the majestic surroundings. I pop those raisins in my mouth and I’m ready to begin.”

-Shane from the band Shane and Shane, on the writing process

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